I’m going to stop and reflect a bit here.  I’ve been doing a lot of economics posts, I suppose because I’ve got this one huge idea I’ve been thinking about for a year and the need to express it several times in order to, I don’t know, expunge its urgency from my consciousness.  I can’t tell if this big idea that soccer is going to conquer the USA and consolidate its holding over the rest of the world is really that interesting to anyone else.  I feel like it should be, but I also feel like I should be blogging about other things too.

So what are those other things?  I’m going to try and incorporate some more philosophical, reflective pieces that are better written than some of the other things I’ve thrown up here in the past few days.  I’d also like to find some quirky things that don’t fall into the “trivial” category.  That means scouring the internet for sources, which may take some time to develop.

I also have some larger existential worries about whether I can sustain an interest in soccer enough to carry on every day.  I think I can, but I also could burn out or get discouraged.  For now, I’m going to barrel ahead.


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