Two Sentences

USA, population 300 million, major sport:

The National Hockey League’s (NHL) $3 billion in annual revenue lags far behind the National Football League’s $9 billion, Major League Baseball’s $7 billion and the National Basketball Association’s $4 billion.

England, population, soccer:

The English Premier League has retained its place as European football’s most lucrative competition after revenues for the 2010/11 season increased by 12% to top £2.27 billion ($3.5 billion), according to a new report.

The issue that I see for the big American sports is that if you put the revenue of all the soccer leagues around world together, you get a number massively larger than anything these sports will be able to match.  And if these leagues don’t grow, I don’t see how they can remain competitive over the long term. (I hold out hope for the NBA)



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