Minor League Blues

A nice article on the plight of a baseball stadium in Buffalo that was built to attract MLB but never succeeded beyond hosting AAA ball.  To my mind, the tragedy isn’t so much that Major League baseball never came to Buffalo.  The article mentions that Buffalo might not have been able to sustain an MLB team over the long haul.

The tragedy (okay, strong word) is that the people in Buffalo don’t get to watch intriguing, competitive baseball, but instead games that are just scrimmages to develop prospects or rehab players.  If AAA were comprised of independent teams who played for real championships, there could be a much healthier baseball culture in the US.  The quality of play would be high, and older players who couldn’t cut in the majors would still be able to find jobs playing baseball.  As of right now, if a player is no longer a prospect and is deemed not good enough for MLB, he is done for, even if he is a better player than many of the prospects out there.  It’s a messed up way of running a sport.


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